Event Name : 14 Day Children's Happy Pills Workshop

14 day Children’s Happy Pills Workshop

Batch-2 starts from 26th October 2020 (06:30AM - 06:50AM)

Age:  7  Y'O- 13  Y'O

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LIMITED TIME OFFER Rs 499/- Only (75% OFF)

Real Change comes from actions we make everyday.

We are inviting you to join us in this social experiment of happiness, to make the real change.

Do you have a 7 – 13 year old kid?

Introducing you a lovely dose of fun filled 20 minute power-packed workshop for 14 days

We expect our kids to be an outstanding performer in academics and extra curricular activities.

But knowing the world is also crucial,create the curiosity in them to know about their surroundings. Here is what we have for your little ones!

  • How mobile phone replaces our memory.
  • Expand the individual imagination.
  • Work with a team.
  • Overcome fear.
  • Trash the bad qualities.
  • Where does your Food come from?!
  • Know the difference between NEED and WANT.
  • Reading books is a boon to your brain.
  • Focus on your concentration power..
Wanna know more!
Children's Happy Pills Workshop is a seed for a tiny change in children's way of thinking, with a simple magic tool called Happiness!
You may be wondering why am repeating the word happiness again and again and again... Happiness may vary with everyone based on their individual needs satisfied at time to time.
But for kids, happiness starts with a home filled with magicians who are collectively called as a Family!
So we have come with aa interesting small workshop, which further leads to some more extraordinary bonus booms.
Now you may be wondering again what stuff we have for your little ones. Travel with us few more minutes to know more!
We all know kids have wider imagination. But most of the time we try to understand what they are coming with. We may get tired of their unimaginable questions. So what has to be done?? Let the children come to us!!!
Hey whats the time? (Where's mobile?)
When is the anniversary? (Where's mobile?)
What's today's date or day? (Where's mobile?)
Have to wake up early! (Where's mobile?)
What is my mail password?! (Where's mobile)
And what not! Mobile phone mobile phone...
May be the only thing our brain remembers is the answer for the question "Where's mobile?!"
So please don't blame children for being our photocopy! Let the children know what cannot fit in the mobile!!!
Without a dustbin our home will be a mess. Likewise without recycle bin our life becomes a life threatening mess! How to trash and what to trash, let your children know about it!
Though we are focused on the happiness of the children, we are much concerned about all other feelings in them! Let your children know fear is an emotion or a sign of warning! 
We are very good at doing different things in the name of multi tasking. But how much we put our effort into it is a question mark. Everything has its own time and all we have to give is a better focus on what we are doing at that moment. This moment is a gift and that's why it is called as Present.
Every children should know that this universe is built by depending on each other on a balanced form. Whatever be their career team building is a mandatory element. Not just for a CV but for themselves to face the world, neighborhood, friends, colleagues, family, etc Team Building plays a major part.
Yummy topic isn't it! Yes, but they have to know more about our life long companion.  We are here to seed that idea into their younger minds!
A wise question to ask whenever we shop; "Is it want or need?" We think it's right time to talk about this with some tasks and activities.
As everything is digitally equipped we wish to retain the habit of reading books. One is better than 1000 friends and we wish to let them know it's immense need.
All our children will touch a peak called career. It can be a business or profession or passion which builds up again into a profession. Just passion alone will not make someone to achieve big in this competitive era. They need an observation about what's happening in the market. We feel happy to make a gateway to think in wider angle. 
We hope this workshop will be a good turning point for your children's betterment.

All these through games, activities, dance and songs!

Age: 7 TO 13 Years

Batch starts from 26th October 2020

Continuous 14 days Live (06:30am- 06:50am)

You can't afford to miss this!


Rs.1,999  (LIMITED OFFER- Rs 499 /- Only (75% OFF) 





              - with Vaishnavee Balaji


Founder & Chief Happiness Hacker - My Stupid Little Science | Social Activist | Success Coach | Speaker

Roller coaster journey, with unwavering persistence and will power brought myself here. Serving downtrodden and building up the younger generation is what that makes me whole.

A Computer Science Engineer Post Graduate, turned Social worker. I have 5+ years of experience in core, but adhering to the Life's demand, became a Social worker at the age of 27, to bring positive social change through my initiatives and NGO'S.

Key note speaker, delivered 100+ special talks in top Colleges, companies specifically focused on younger generation.

Addressed 70,000+ Students, Parents, Corporates, through "Stay Safe Awareness drive", motivational talks, gendersensitization, women empowerment, entrepreneurship, lifeskills, social responsibilities.

Honored with 7+ Awards and recognitions, for the Commitment and passion to bring in a positive change in the society.

Recognized as one of the Powerful Women of Coimbatore.

Featured in The Hindu, Times of India, Josh Talks, The Hindu Tamil, Dinamalar, Kenfolios, Simplicity, The Covai Post, Top journals Vikatan, Thozhi, News channels- Thanthi, Pudhiya Thalaimurai and many more, for social works and initiatives.

With all my core skills, Started my brain child, "My Stupid Little Science" in the year 2017, a unique platform for Kids to Express, Explore, Learn & Share! Where every child is Unique and Incomparable.

On a mission to teach ten million Parents and children by 2025, how to future-proof happiness. I advocate fear(less)ness and practice what I teach.

Last, but not the least.. I'm a proud Karate Ka!

You are at the right place at the right time. Hack the Happiness of your children and family, by being the change.

- Cheers..


  • When does this workshop start?

           Start date will be mailed to you. Since it happens only on Monday, the introduction call will be on Sunday 9 PM

  • Will this be a live or recorded program?

           It is a completely live program

  • What are the timings?

           Timings will be maintained sharp as mentioned aboved.

  • Does this need Parental monitoring?

           MSLS is specifically designed for kids, so completely safe. But parents be aware of other sites which kids might access during your absence.

  • Can I see the transformation immediately after the purchase?

           No. We are here to guide you with structured activities. It needs a minimum commitment and effort from your side.

           Unless about genuine reasons, absence for workshop is not appreciated.

  • How this workshop is unique from others?

           You are free to compare our product’s cost and content with others. What we provide is going to be a path breaking journey for you.

  • Do we get any certificate of completion?

           Yes. Certificate is provided once you complete the workshop.

  • Can I download the videos for later use?

           No. You cannot download the videos. It is a live workshop.

  • I have made the payment but did not received any mail.

           Do not worry. Please write to us with the payment receipt at support@mystupidlittlescience.in . We will get back to you in 12 hours.

  • When can I get the bonus benefits?

           We believe in providing the best value. So, all bonus benefits will be provided during MEGA LIVE and towards the end of the workshop.

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RS 1999

LIMITED TIME OFFER - Rs 499 /- Only (75% OFF)